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Are you like so many others? Like me? It is hard to quit smoking cigarettes. There are many people who say "I just quit." I think that is wonderful!! But many of us need extra help. Switching to electronic cigarettes is a HELPFUL tool, but it isn't the magic pill. You still have to have the desire and dedication to switch.

Why are electronic cigarettes so helpful? It gives the smoker the hand to mouth movement and loving the flavor is key. I mean I would much rather smell like strawberries (my preference) than a cigarette. Vaping also allows you to lower your nicotine level to a very small amount or to zero. That is your choice.

There is no right or wrong way to vape or use your electronic cigarette. Do not let anyone tell you different. It is all personal choice. There are many flavors to choose from (until the government gets involved but that is another story). There are many devices to choose from. Let us help you pick out what is helpful to you. Stop in and see us! We wish you a Happy New Year! And remember if you fall off the wagon, just get back on and try again. I am 8 years cigarette free due to vaping a very low level of nicotine. It took some time and dedication, but I made it through 8 years without cigarettes. YOU CAN TOO!

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