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Please read the preceding blog post on the FDA Flavor Ban. There is a lot of info to go over. SO....all legitimate E-Liquid manufacturers had to file the PMTA (premarket tobacco analysis). The FDA had a deadline of September 9th, 2021, from a Judge to start making decisions on E-Liquid. On September 9th, they issued (and this is the last number we heard) MDOs (marketing denial orders) to over 500 companies and millions of flavored E-liquid. The FDA is not providing a public list at this time. For the most part, they are letting tobacco flavors stay on the market, but are denying fruit, desert and candy flavors (even unflavored vapor products were denied).

Yes, we have lost some of our brands that we carry. HOWEVER, many of our brands did not get the MDO yet (we think that will come in the future). We continue to fight this and are working with our manufacturers so that we can keep providing you with the ADULT flavors you love. There is an appeals process. As of right now, we are open. We will continue to stay open and provide products and services to our customers.

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Samantha Rosevear
Samantha Rosevear
Sep 15, 2021

So what are the brands that you are no longer carrying ?

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