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The Omnibus Bill passed the House and Senate. The President will sign it. What does this mean for vapor products? Synthetic nicotine (not derived from tobacco meaning processed from other vegetation or made molecule per molecule in a lab) will now be regulated like tobacco products (cigarettes, snuff, etc). Premarket Tobacco Application (PMTA) were already in place and the FDA has already demanded E-Liquid products be pulled from the market containing nicotine derived from tobacco. The vapor industry switched over to synthetic nicotine.

At this time, several lawsuits have been filed against the FDA for not following their own guidelines on processing these PMTA applications. Several E-Liquid manufacturers won a stay in those lawsuits, however, it only keeps those companies in business for now.

The Omnibus bill is going to fund our own government and help Ukraine in their ongoing fight with Russia. If this bill had not passed, the US government would shut down and Ukraine would not get assistance from the US. Nobody was going to vote against this bill.

Why was verbiage for vapor products even placed in this government spending bill? Here is what we have heard. JUUL and RJ Reynolds pressured Senator Briggs to add this to a GOVERNMENT SPENDING BILL!

OPINION: I was never a conspiracy theorist until I owned a business and became involved in politics to fight for my industry. The vapor industry is hurting big tobacco and they have repeatedly fought to annihilate us through misinformation spread through media and through legislation. We, the vapor industry, are still standing. Hazy Hollow Vapors will continue to stay open. We will not close our doors until they come into the shop and force us.

FOR NOW: We are still legal and will continue to fight with our brothers and sisters in this industry to save it.

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