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I met Cindi Kinch, Lady Boss Vapor, over five years ago when we started carrying her line of E-Liquid at Hazy Hollow Vapors. We have since traveled together to different events to fight for our rights to vape by testifying to committees, meeting our government representatives and standing up for the rights of adults to choose a less harmful alternative to cigarettes. Through our travels, we have had a lot of fun and developed a true friendship. She was at my wedding and was a great support to me on my wedding day. She puts love and care into her business and her customers. Below are her words about her business.

"I live in Tarpon Springs, Florida. I don't have a favorite flavor. All the flavors in my line were created for my own use. I was a mortgage broker and making e-liquid was a hobby. My daughter got sick with epilepsy in 2014. The hospital stays and the doctor visits cost me my job. My hobby turned into a business and I brought my personal creations to the market place. I was very hostile towards my former employer at one time, but I have since thanked them for firing me. I absolutely love being able to help adults switch from smoking cigarettes. My proudest moment was when an 80-year-old woman told me she had been cigarette free for 5 years and her favorite flavor is Lady Boss Sweet Strawberry."

Thank you for your support of the industry, Cindi, and for being an awesome friend!

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