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Juice of the Month for June has been D Line (formerly Dragon). Vape Daugz are the manufacturers of D Line one of our best sellers for 6 years! This all women owned company has built a successful business because they care about YOU! We "interviewed" them and asked a few questions. Below is their response. They are a wonderful company to work with and have stood with Hazy Hollow Vapors through the many trying times we have had throughout our business existence. That includes COVID! AND....they produce a delicious E-Liquid.

"We are located in Central Texas, close to Ft. Hood :)

Melanie Crochet got into the industry initially because vaping helped a family member quit smoking and GREATLY improved his health. She wanted to help others do the same, but there were not any options in our area to make it possible. So she opened up shop :) Later on in her venture with the juice that was available, everything was so harsh and really lacked good flavor. She started looking into production of our own products, with that Vape Daugz Premium E-Liquid was born. <3

We did not intended on being an all female company, it just sort of happened, and we have embraced it :) It has uplifted many lives of some really great and strong women. Some favorite flavors around here are Candifix, Flaming, Lazy, Ziggy and Don Carlo. (Right now anyway lol It's always changing haha).

Every single employee here at Vape Daugz has been saved by vaping. We are all former smokers and without vaping would have never been able to quit. Vaping has vastly improved all of our health and well being, which is why we are so committed to helping others <3 Our proudest Vape Daugz moment, was (thus far) when we went to a vape convention in Dallas TX on a whim, and entered "Milk" into a contest (also on a whim) and we took home the award of "Best Custard of 2019." IT WAS AWESOME!!!"

Holly L

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