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In December 2020, the coronavirus relief bill (5000+ pages) was signed into law. The PACT Act in this bill bans shipping of vapor products from shipping through the USPS. Congress has forced USPS to stop shipping. It is not their choice. Online retail stores will be unable to ship to their customers. Brick and mortar stores are working on alternatives for shipping. FedEx then stated they will end shipping all vapor products to homes and stores 3/1/2021. UPS followed stating they will end all shipping of vapor products to homes and stores 4/5/2021. USPS has open comments online regarding shipping vapor products to businesses. PLEASE COMMENT. You can visit the link to CASAA’s website below for more information and they will guide you through your comments to USPS and to congress. Link for CASAA at the bottom.

Also, please remember to support the WV Smoke Free Association as we work with our state representatives to make informed decisions on electronic cigarette products.

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