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To quit smoking is difficult! I will say it again, TO QUIT SMOKING IS DIFFICULT! As a pack a day smoker for 25 years, I tried on many occasions to quit with various methods. I was never totally successful. Vaping nicotine replacement helped me quit and I have been cigarette free for 7 years. I now vape just a small amount of nicotine. My entire family was successful in making the switch.

The debate rages on about whether e-cigs help people switch to a less harmful alternative. There is growing evidence that vaping nicotine is successful in turning folks away from cigarettes. A 2019 UK study ( concluded smokers attempting to switch were twice as likely to succeed when they used an e-cig. I used a UK study because they are by far more advanced in their acceptance of electronic cigarette usage. In fact, they have vape shops in hospitals to help people quit smoking.

Vaping is not for everyone. Many attempt to switch and fail. Below you will find a few tips that may be helpful to you.

Tip #1 - Buy a good quality e-cig

There are many different brands and types of vape kits. Come into the shop and let us guide you and give you advice on what type of device you are looking for; whether a small vape or larger mod may be right for you. If you are nervous and not sure of yourself, we are there to give you that extra help and explanation to any questions.

Tip #2 - Flavor is key

While some beginners think they MUST have tobacco flavor, they find they do not want that reminder anymore. Strawberry flavored e-liquids have continually been our bestseller for almost 7 years. However, we have over 150 flavors to choose from including mint, fruits and desert flavors. There is no WRONG way to vape or flavor to use. Those decisions are up to you and you alone.

Tip #3 - Gradually switch from smoking to vaping

The best way to switch is gradually change out smoking for vaping. On one smoke break, use your cigarette. The next time hit your vape. Then, gradually build-up until you reach for your vape each. There is no rush. It was a several month process for me. BUT, when you get to that point DO NOT BUY ANYMORE CIGARETTES! If you crave a cigarette, just hit your vape.

Tip #4 - Use the right nicotine strength

Make sure when you switch from smoking to vaping you get the right nicotine strength. With today's new technology, you will be surprised at the small amount of nicotine needed to satisfy your cravings. If you were a two pack of day or more smoker, you will require more nicotine than someone who only smoked a pack a day. Our shop employees are trained to help you decide what level is right for you. If you buy a 200 watt mod you are going to use way less nicotine, then if you purchase a pod system. Again, all these choices are yours. I like having those choices. When I was smoking, I smoked one brand of cigarette for 25 years and I smelled terrible. Now I have choices of flavors, colors of mods and size of the device. I don't smell like tobacco anymore and I feel great.

Tip #5 - Be patient

Switching from smoking to vaping is a big change and a lifestyle change. Take your time. Vape how you want to vape (mod, flavor, nicotine strength). If you want to make big clouds, then do it! (Just be respectful of others). If you want a small device, then that is awesome!! Get involved with the vaping community. My biggest supporters through my process was from fellow vapors, who gave me great advice.

You have got this!!

Switching is a process and takes time. It is not a magic answer, but it CAN work for you if you put in the time and effort. Interested in more info? Come by the shop and see us! We love talking about vaping, flavors and mods. If you have questions, call 681-265-9077, message on Facebook or here. Leave a comment below. We are available!

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