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CALL IN FRONT OF STORE EMPLOYEES AND GET 20% OFF TODAY AND TOMORROW ONLY!! Language has been placed in the 2022 Omnibus Budget Bill that will put a ban on vapor and smoke free products containing synthetic nicotine (like E-Liquid, nicotine pouches, toothpicks, etc.). THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE VAPING NOW if you purchased from our shop. Regular nicotine for vaping has been pulled off the market by the FDA.

Please take a moment TODAY and send a message to your federal officials urging them to reject a ban on synthetic nicotine!

This is a must-pass budget bill which is even more urgent due to the inclusion of support for Ukraine.

By texting the number, you will be given talking points and then be connected directly to your representatives one at a time.

After you’ve finished sending your email (see link below), make sure to follow up with a phone call to your senators.

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